Monday, May 17, 2010

Overdone Stew..

The consensus is waiting. The house is still divided about the raging caste debate in the Indian Parliament. Caste has to be addressed, according to the "waiting-to-be-uplifted" voice of the nation. The opposition to this Bill says that it's going to set India back by some decades. Casteism, after independence was abolished owing to the forward mindset of the house that thought that such a frivolous and dormant issue such as this has to be kept to stew. And stew it has over the last half a century.

The Bill addresses the issue of a caste divide that exists in India and "maybe" will work towards actually uplifting them.However, what happens to the minorities? Muslims of the secular India. Christians. Buddhists. An overview is required. Caste created barriers, divides across the strata of society according to the forming brains of our Constitution. In an eventful 60 years, amendments were introduced in bits and pieces, some reforming and some restraining, some formative and some plain ones. However, even though no one addresses that castes exist, all it needs for an introspection is to have a look at the matrimonial section of a newspaper. Castes sell, at prices higher than when Adi Sankaracharya bought Hinduism back into vogue, and with it a torrent of luscious parade of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras.

If there's a difference in how a person travels, what he eats, how he is addressed and the company he keeps after a time, it's bound that there is a factor that drives. Posto Facto, what is it? Caste. Creed. Religion. What happens when we decide to address the issue and turn our backs to the repercussions of the domino effect it will have? What happens next?

What we need to actually introspect about is the dilemma that faces us in the form of castes right now. And what happens if the government suddenly decides that castes exist well and good and we take them into consideration but no socio-economic improvement for the minorities. What happens next? Kill Bill -III??...;) It's a Catch-22 situation and I don't prefer when we monopolize a side without weighing the pitfalls of the society. However, I also don't like to be in a situation where sidestepping and yet taking a decision is the only viable option left.

Cheers to prosperity!!