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Friday, November 26, 2010

The World As I Know It..

It's not a perfect world, but it's the only one I have. It's not the pain but the journey that I have. It's not the end but the effort that I have. What do I have? Ghanta. What do I care? Ghanta. Forgive my narcissism for I have devoted 3 lines to my wandering, torn mind. There are times in life when you have a single blocked nose and then there are times when both your noses are blocked. It's called Viral Flu. Apparently, 'they' still haven't found a cure for it but just this morning, I read that 'they' discovered in a breakthrough  "that students would rather cheat than study". DUH!! That's such a discovery man. Cure for the world yeah. However, why am I raving on like a lunatic exactly?? Yeah. Just had my mid-semester exams you see.

As I must have mentioned somewhere earlier in my blogs, I don' t like exams. They remind me of everything that's wrong with the world. The pain, the suffering, the misery. No student should be made a model out of for what to avoid being in your life. Yea I agree that if you can't set examples, you could be a decent warning but that's a personal thing isn't it?? Like scratching your crotch in full-public view. A personal thing. Like the T-Shirt the whole world says doesn't suit you but you still wear it 'coz your brother or sister gifted it with his/her first salary. Personal thing.

My college is a gathering for unbridled buffoons who carry the tag of Professors. They are unified in their mental faculties and reasoning capacities. They are men of the world who don't know how the world thinks. Time passed them when they were busy navel-scratching behind the secrecy of their rooms while carelessly marking the graffiti students had scrawled on their answer sheets. Consequently, with their thinning hair and sneer, they resemble almost everything that's wrong with the world. The dredges of human race who would rather sneer than share.

Do I sound frustrated? Comment to let me know on a scale of 1-10..;)