Friday, July 31, 2009

If this was true...;)

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P.S.- If you are a regular reader, you are probably used to the occasional epiliptic epiphany of mine which is sometimes more than not followed by bursts of "intellectual"(acc. to me..;) scenario in which real gives way to the hypothetical and a whacko blog comes forth that is unbelievable to the hilt. However, if you are new here, read further and expect nothing coz the truth has given way a "bit" to hypothetical again...;)

There are things in life, some of them which leave a sour taste in the mouth. Sometimes the tastes remain and sometimes the tide of time turns into a grin of reminiscence. This blog is about those times and what if scenario. Don't bail out now...;)

1. Somewhere back in the days there was a kid, let's say kinda like me. Now, i am not saying that it was me. It's hypothetical remember. There was a teacher in his class who used to teach them English. Once, the kid's answer was shot down by the teacher as incorrect. Now the kid thought his answer was correct but the teacher was just jealous that the kid could beat him in his subject. The pupil began to hate the teacher and just to annoy him, would give the weirdest of answers in class. Just to piss him off, mind you.

One fine day, the teacher thought the class kids should learn the art of speaking in public and he asked them, one by one, to tell the class briefly what their parents did. Now, that one kid thought he will piss his teacher off here as well. He waited, and waited, and waited for his turn. His turn came. He went to the front of class, the whole class looked expectantly and the teacher looked on patiently. With a crooked goofy grin, he said-" Hi. My dad plays the piano in a whore house."

Now, what followed next was an inarticulate silence from the teacher that wiped the grin from the kid and the innocence from the class. When the kid returned home and was asked by his mother why he had finger marks all over his little cheek, he shrugged and said -" Creativity Mum. It's not appreciated any more."

Yes. The kid survived to the tale. Oh, I mean tell me the tale. Sorry about that. All hypothetical remember.

2. There was once another guy, now in his teens, around 15. Assume it to be someone like..yeah, you know the answer you brainy gits...;) Assume remember. And in this case, it's even more important that i stress it's all assumption. So one day this guy was walking down the street one foggy January night and he felt the need to relieve himself. Yea pee. Right. So he chose a deserted corner of the billions available in this part of the world and went ahead. What he ddn't notice was that a man had followed him for some time. As the guy finished and turned back on his way, the man approached the satiated guy.

"Sir."-the man called.

The guy looked back, saw the man and looked around. He had never been called "Sir" before. He wanted to be sure before telling his friends.

"Who me?"- the guy asked moronically, like a dumb nitwit whilst he should have shown confidence at havin been called "Sir". Maybe that was the reason what happened next. He never found out though.

The man approached closer in that freaking foggy night. It was cold. The man came closer till he stopped face to face.

"It's very cold Sir."- the man said.

"Yea. And I'm sorry I don't have any money if thats what you want."- the guy was blunt.

"No no no. U misunderstand me Sir. I don't want cash. Infact I can give u money if u want."- the man offered.

"Really?"-the teenagers eyes were pickedly lecherous.

"Yea. Tell me. Are u open to sexual experimentation?"

The guy ddnt want the money that bad. He ran off like a hooker in a police raid. And he had to wait 1 more year before someone called him Sir again. That was when he went to open his bank account. He felt depressed at being called Sir. Till date he has never peed in public again.

Oh yeah by the way, he's completely normal and straight. Any cute chick interested in talking is most welcome. Post a comment and I'll give u m no. I mean his no.

Till the next time when the hypothetical rises again.


Astalavista. Take Care.

P.S.- And someone tell me someone reads this blog. Otherwise I'll delete it and commit suicide. All hypothetically of course...;)


Anonymous said...

ahem ahem.. Bro.. this was a good attempt.. surely improved a lot after the suggestion or criticism. (whatever you call).. Who is the "SIR" in the story lol?? Nest post i am expecting something better cooked..:-) study hard.. Cheers !!

ark of conwheals said...

yea's twisted reality...;)wait sm more tym fr ur better cooked blog...till then adios...;)

biswajeet neogy said...

wht d hell ws dat dude.... btw dont consider this as a comment.(i mean you can still commit suside)

ark of conwheals said...

dat ws a slice of lyf brotha..n ur commnt made m day plan suicide as of yet..:-P

antora said...

u r mad i've nuthin else to say :)

ark of conwheals said...

haha..;) thnx antora..insanity s m middle name..gues dis blog actualy hit bulls-eye..;)