Sunday, September 25, 2011


How necessary is change? Why do some people willingly embrace it whilst others abhor it? Is it the only tangible constant or is it repetitive in the realms of necessity? Why do people's desires change over time from dreams to whatever's-in-hand? Why does a girl who dreams of Mr Right settle down with Mr Earns-A-Fuckin'-Lot?

 Why does creativity have no outright takers? Why is innovation predicated on pecuniary means? Why is contentment so elusive? What is contentment? Does happiness have a viable meaning?

Can promiscuity really engender love? When do love and hate collide? Why can't we cure cancer? Why is learning made up of earning? Why do people not use birth control? Why are sons favored over daughters?

Why does free speech only advocate moderate views and not extremist or conservationist views? What is the real meaning of being literate? Why are materialistic gains only looked down upon or looked upto? Why does India have no idea where it's heading? Why do homosexuals need endorsement from celebs to be what they are? Why is prudish behavior met with disapproval? Why am I writing all this?

I haven't an idea of the peculiar human nature that resides among us all but if it did have a voice, it would be disdain.
No really it would.
No catharsis of any sort can help unless elementary, breeding doubts are met. My doubt is:
What is the true meaning of being literate?


Arun said...

catharitic...felt a surge of blood..increase the frequency of your writing..

ark of conwheals said...

Will do and please visit again.

Moumita said...

So did you find an answer to these questions brother?