Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The histrionics of nether kind.

If you are a grl, a woman, or anything remotely close to d XX chromosome, I will take the post-independence democratic liberty to tell you here and now that you wont like this post. This ain't sexist but look who's talking.

Girls are curious and I have a severe case of obssessive observation disorder syndrome-meaning I watch and observe, and when I have too much free time to spare, sometmes ponder on things which have eventually cumulated into this post. Dunno what Eve will say but then again, she retardedly screwed up her only chance of being the one to touch Adam's adam and reign as the only one...and then they came.

Now I'm no mind-reading psychologist but what little I have of my abilties, I'l try to delve into the "she" psychology...;)

A little teaser that accompanies a date- The guy's in his best behaviour all throughout, he never burps loud, never talks about how Manchester Utd beat the living crap outta Tottenham Hotspurs last match, he holds out the chair for the lady while she's about to sit and holds the door for the lady as she's about to enter. The lady chirps- You know why the chicken crossed the road?.
The guy- No, i dont.
The lady- To prove it wsnt chicken
The lady bursts into laughter. The guy quickly morphs his expression into a laugh.

Then the bill comes...

Scene I- The guy's about to take out his wallet n pay up. The girl speaks up-I never expctd this from you. The guy sits down, his expression bordering on befuddlement. What??
Why cant women pay their own??-the lady asks in a tone that only good food and wine can induce.
The guy tries to say something which is lost in a tirade against men and the discrimination women have had to face since d tym of Eve(or ws it earlier??).
The guy sits lyk a scrounged up lemon and pays half the bill...
The woman never complains wen he holds out d door fr her again.

Scene II- The guy asks- Should I pay the bill or do you wanna share??.
The woman gives him a basilisk stare that chills up his innards, chilling up his intestines that the gourmet had just warmed up. The guy gets his answer n bucks up fr what's coming.

Nothing comes.

However, a tornado of scorching intensity rams up in the ladie's mind which goes somthing like this- unchivalrous,uneducated,unsophisticated,ill-mannered,uncourteous scoundrel...doesn't know how to talk to grls or behave.
The diatribe doesn't start until she gets home and gets on the phone with her friends, then it's an avalanche of words that get showered on the guy who was doing his bit to show equality.

Oh yeah, equality is a dichotomy best exprssd in thought and action by the homo sapiens of XX chromosome. They serenade fr equality n den deserve reservations...dichotomy ne1?? Or did I hear you male chauvinistic ^@#&* ...

Parading around for true love is certainly one thing n then deciding to hog on the fattest goose available later is something that doesn't get into this small head of mine. I mean how would it be if I go around with a grl all my life and then this cute chick cums my way earnin a 6 figure sum(Godspeed and touchwood..;) I hop onto the bandwagon...gt married...help her to get ready to office, drop her off in a car, give a good-bye kiss and drive back home. Put the dishes to washer, clothes to laundry, den go out and rent some DVDs and invite some frnds for soccer matches and pool. Heaven eh??... :D

Understanding girls anyone??...

I'd rather go for Bill Gate's daughter. Shes easier.

Oh I frgot. Ever been on a shoppin trip with girls??
Someone said- Sanity and shopping girls go the opposite ways... and salesmen try covering both...pity them.

P.S-This is for all the girls out there. Read this as a purely observation based blog and you'll b fine...;)

P.S.S- The truth doesn't hurt half as much as somemtimes u people do.

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