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Sunday, March 1, 2009

word's worth...;-)

JAN 2nd 2009, 4.15 a.m, Tumkur...

It was a chilly, decrepit winter night, d cold waning as d night reluctantly released d clutches of darkness over dis part of d world. 3 guys lay prone on 3 diff. beds of a hostel. Insomnia was at it's peak, controlling us n we had run out of topics to discuss... & at 4.15 dat nyt we 3 geniuses decided to write smthng, precisely speaking- a poem. One gave up in minutes. Me n d oder soldiered on...

20 mins later, i had had enough of his sniggers n threw my half-written poem at d lazy bum who had given up, challenging him to complete my absurd train of thoughts dat hd(amazingly...;-) culminated in2 smthng remotely resembling a poem...he accepted n i proudly present....

The Last Spring

The world has fallen,

Angst of the sigh still unseen,

Beneath the darkened wing,

I still await the last spring...

Ripped is the pain, the tremors vacantly lean,

Away from it all, cries the child from his mother weaned,

Rusted is the love, the hope few n far between,

Lasting are the cries, d scars raw yet clean,

And yet the birds sing,

So here I am, awaiting the last fall of spring...

Beyond the undead scars that my heart adorns

Leagues from respite, hopes yet unborn,

Beneath the bloods of past I still drape,

For a sunshine the heart craves,

Against the darkness that the undertakers bring,

I hope n await the last spring...

thanku, thanku,thanku...

from me n biswajeet(yea dat's d idiot's name...)

n yea by d way, 5 hrs from d tym we wrote d poem, we wrote our physics semester exams...

As we say so majestically in d poem dat could give Shakespeare a run fr his money,

We're still awaiting d last spring....;-)

P.S- i'm ok...

P.S.S-n d flowers r for u...:-)

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